How Much Borax To Raise pH In Pool?

Borax also known Sodium Tetraborate or Sodium Borate or Disodium Tetraborate, has many uses as it does names for a chemical compound.  It is popularly known to be a household cleaning agent used to bleach white shirts. Apart from being a household cleaning agent, it can also serve as the main ingredient in slime. This goes to show that borax is such a versatile chemical with lots of uses. Now Borax can also be used to clean a swimming pool. 

How Much Borax To Raise pH In Pool?

Keeping your swimming pool clean and sparkling is such a stressful process that involves a lot of action such as checking the water level, cleaning out your skimmer, cleaning your filter, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and balancing the chemistry of the water. While balancing the chemistry of your pool and trying to avoid increasing one level over the other, you can use borax which acts as a useful pH leveler and helps prevent the growth of algae in your pool.  In this article we would reveal how much borax to raise pH level in pool.

Benefit of Using Borax

Adding borax to your pool is an effective way of stabilizing the alkalinity of your pool. It also works as a pH shocker for your swimming pools. Normally, pool owners make use of baking soda and soda ash whenever they want to stabilize the chemistry level. But these chemicals have disadvantages such as while it raises the pH level, they also raise the alkalinity level of the water. When the alkalinity level rises, it destabilizes the pH level which defeats the reason for putting chemicals into your pool. 

Unlike these two chemicals above, Borax stops your pH level from fluctuating while the alkalinity level remains the same. It also stops the growth of algae through proper maintenance of the pH level of the pool which allows the chlorine sanitize the water.

When the borax is dissolved in your water, it doesn’t evaporate; it remains in the water permanently. This makes your pool water sparkling, soft, and ready to swim plus you’ll be using less chlorine which ensures you save money.

How Much Borax to Raise pH Level in Pool

If you want to raise the pH level of your pool, you’ll have to conduct a pH test first to determine the pH level of your pool. If your pool’s pH level is lower than the normal range of 7.2-7.6, you’ll need to raise the pH level. 

Add 20 ounces of Borax to every 5000 gallons of water added to your pool. This calculation is estimated as different chemical factors may require a different quantity of borax for your pool.


Stabilize your pool quickly using the Borax chemical. It is also a good equipment for keeping your pool clear of algae growth and any other form of dirt.

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