The Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

A clean and healthy swimming pool ensures your family is not exposed to dangerous waterborne diseases. Maintaining a pool requires hordes of methods and associated equipment. One of the key machines in pool maintenance are pool pumps. The best above ground pool pump functions to continue the pool water circulation.

After eight hours of research and speaking with people who own and use it, we are able to finally answer the eternal question ‘What is the best above ground pool pump on the market?

Customer Reviews of the Six Best above Ground Pool Pumps

It is no secret that customer online reviews play a significant role in the buyers’ decision making across all the industries. Online reviews can help in product development and competitive analysis by offering valuable insight into the products. 

Customers’ reviews strengthen a product’s credibility and have the power to influence the users’ decisions. These reviews allow the buyers to research for the efficiency of the products, and how they are beneficial. One of the studies shows that 90% of the users read customer reviews before buying a product. We have spent a considerable amount of hours to find the six best above ground pool pumps based on the customers’ reviews. 

1. Hayward PowerFloLX – SP1580X15 1

Hayward PowerFloLX – SP1580X15 is known to be one of the most energy-efficient pool pumps at any speed. The fast shipping and the genuine authenticity of the Hayward pump are the USP of the product. These two features are making miracles in the customer base for this product. The pump is just seamless in its functioning capability. To add more feathers to the cap is its zero noise emission features that make it an absolute darling to the pool users.

We spoke with Gary Goldstein from Kentucky, a 54 year old father and salesman who has been using the Hayward PowerFloLX for several months now. Here’s what he had to say:

To start with, the installation was simple and hassle-free.  However, a new adapter was needed for connecting to the previous hoses that I own. The one thing that was to be done was to rotate the discharge port, which however is not a big deal. The best part of this machine is that it is practically noise-free. 

The sound limit of sixty-four dBs makes the use of the pump a soothing and quiet experience. All in all, I am very pleased with this pump as since the day I installed it, my pool has been the cleanest pool and my electricity bill has gone down.

2.  Hayward PowerFlo Matrix – SP15932S

The installation of Hayward PowerFlo Matrix SP15932S is very easy. The pressure is well maintained even in low setting thus making this product power and pocket-friendly. This pump provides the noise free experience. Even in the highest setting, the pump cannot be heard more than some feet afar. The fast shipping pump is the USP of the product. 

We talked to John McCoy from Kansas, a 36 year old young man who has been using the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix SP15932S for the last decade. He happily confirmed:

I am a proud owner of the Hayward PowerFlo Matrix for more than 12 years. This product has been ordered to replace a dead Hayward pump with a power of one and a half HP. The prime and the best difference between these two pumps is the noise-free experience that Hayward PowerFlo Matrix provides. The second USP of this product is its fast shipping that made me a very happy customer of this product in particular. The installation process was a piece of a cakewalk for our 24 feet diameter round pool. 

3. Harris ProForce – H1572730

Harris ProForce – H1572730 provides magic to the pool water. It helps in making the algae pool water so clear that even the bottom is visible after just a couple of hours after its installation. Another pro of the product is its noise free feature. The noise-free experiences make the customers quite happy thereby providing ample recommendations to potential future buyers.

Joana Stine, a resident of Gerogia, aged 31 years says:

I had this product shipped to replace my older Hayward pool pump, which had completely stopped working. For the two weeks, the previous pump had not worked; green algae had accumulated in the pool. This product after installation and a shocking amount of two bags did magic to the pool water. The best part is since I have been using the same pump for the last decade, and re-ordering the same upon its failure speaks tons of its goodwill for pool water purification and maintenance.I highly recommend this product to everyone! 

4. Blue Wave Maxi Replacement – NE6171B

The trio features of built, noise reduction and looks make this product extremely alluring to the customers. The reasonable pricing of the product also adds to its charm. The lid is quite large that makes its maintenance simple and easy since one can peep at the basket effortlessly and determine if it needs to be cleaned or not.

We spoke to Petunia Darcy, from Colorado, a 42 years old ex. Air Hostess who has been using this product since 5 years. She happily says:

I am extremely happy with the product. It’s been 5 years now! The fast shipping, attractive looks, and affordable rates make this product my favorite. Installation was simple and worry free. It doesn’t take much effort to clean the pump. If you are looking for an above ground pool pump, just go for it without a single thought. 

5. Krystal Clear Filter Pump with Sand from Intex 5

The operational feature of this pump is just like magic. Even upon maximum pool usage, you wont observe any gunge or haziness. Also, cleaning and maintaining this pump is so easy that it feels like heaven. The shipping is extremely fast. The installation is very simple and does not take much time. 

Ruth Smith from California, a 39 years old father and contractor has been using this product since 9 years, and very happy with its working. Here is what he said:

Our pool is 18 feet wide and has a capacity of about 5500 gallons. Getting this product shipped was simply amazing, as the installation could not get any easier. The previous hose fitted perfectly in this new machine thus saving my effort and money. The quiet functioning of the pool pump will definitely sit well with the customers.Last but not the least; I have not come across such an efficient filter during my trysts with regular pool maintenance.

6. 28633EG Krystal Clear Filter Pump with Cartridge from Intex

The easy installation procedure of this product makes it quite demanding in the market. The longevity of the filters also adds to its charm amongst the users. During a full swing, the filters need replacement every two weeks.

We spoke with Mark Rowell, from texas, a 38 years old real estate agent who has been using it for several months now. He says: 

I would recommend this pump to any potential and future buyers because of its efficient yet effective functioning to circulate the pool water and keep it clean. While using this pump, minimal chemicals are required in the pool, thereby making it environment-friendly and healthy. Also, the high power makes the pool mirror a Jacuzzi bath. A miraculous product! 

What Is An Above Ground Pool Pump?

Swimming pools are synonymous with a leisure-filled summer. However, maintaining a swimming pool in its pristine condition is no easy feat. As the name suggests, an above ground pool pump is one that functions from above the ground (not below water level). Such pumps are the most essential elements in pool sanitation. It is because these machines are the driving factors for efficient water circulation in the pool. 

A stagnant watered pool would not only look dirty but would also be hazardous to health with a high concentration of the chemicals that are usually added to the pool water. In addition, these pumps also act as a filtration system keeping unwanted elements at bay from your beloved pool.

Before we go ahead for searching the best above ground pool pump on the market, let us have a look at the Frequently Asked questions not only about pool pumps but also about pool sanitation. This section would help you with a holistic comprehension of your pool and the care it needs as well.

Why do we need a pool pump?

Pool pumps are necessary because of two reasons:

  • They help to remove any external foreign particles while filtering out the water continually.
  • Mixing of the various chemicals in the pool is effectively done by the water circulation process that the pool pump does efficiently.

How does a pool pump function?

The functional process of a pool pump is rather easy. It has three major parts: the motor, the trap, and the impeller. It sucks the water from the pool (from both the main drains and skimmers), filters it through the trap and returns the filtered water back to the pool.

How to install above ground pool pump?

The availability of above ground pool pumps has made the process of pool cleaning not only easy but also has been easy on the pockets. Installing such pumps is simple and does not involve much hassle.

In order to install such pumps, the below equipment are needed:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pliers for water pump
  • Level and Shovel
  • Sand/ Cartridge
  • Screwdrivers
  • Patio Pavers
  • Hose Clamps
  • Flex Hose

Following the below easy steps would ensure a robust pool pump for your beloved pool:

  • The pump and the filter must be placed near to the skimmer, preferably with a few meters. Take measurements of the area in which you intend to fit the pump along with the filter.
  • Dig a hole in that intended area as deep as the height of the patio paver block. Level the dugout area so that the patio block sits upright. Place the filter pump duo on the block
  • Take one hose of the pump and connect it to the skimmer. One end of the hose is connected with the aid of hose clamps that are screwed in tightly to the skimmer basket’s bottom. The other loose end of the hose is clamped to the pump front. Both ends of the hose are screwed tightly to prevent any possible leaks.
  • Take the return hose and clamp it to the return drain of the pool. The other loose end of the hose is clamped to the return opening situated on the usually on the filter top. These clamps on the hose need to be tightly screwed as well.
  • In the next step, the filter discharge needs to be connected. Some types of pool pumps have a unified pump and filter combo that just needs tightening with the aid of large pliers made for water pumps. In case, the pump and filters are not conjoined, then another hose is needed to connect them. One end of the hose goes on pump top and the other end goes to the filter where it is marked as ‘pump in’.
  • The filter is then filled up with cartridge or sand. It is then followed by priming the pump so that it is water-filled. Once the setup is complete, then connect the pump to the power source and start filtering your pool water.

How to prime above ground pool pump?

A pool pump needs to be primed to remove any air blockage and ensure smooth water flow to and from the pool. Priming a pool pump is simple and hassle-free. The following steps would help easy priming of a pool pump:

  • First, the pump needs to be disconnected from the power source.
  • Next, relieve the built-up air pressure from the filter and pump. This can be done by opening the valve for air relief. In addition, all the shut-off valves (if any) should be kept open. This process ensures that water is freely flowing through the system.
  • Check the water level in the pool. It should cover up the skimmer. In case it is not then more water needs to be added to bring the water level as desired.
  • The strainer basket needs to be clean as well in order to ensure smooth water flow. The basket needs to be removed, and any kind of foreign elements like leaves, twigs, etc. must be cleaned. 
  • The housing of the pump needs to be filled with water, measuring about two to three gallons. Check for the O-ring in the strainer housing’s lid. This ring should be intact and not stretched or worn out.
  • The strainer housing is closed and the pump is plugged. The housing should be water-filled and priming should commence.

Before, plugging in the pump to the power source, make sure that all the joints are screwed tightly and the water level is maintained in order to prevent any air bubbles seeping inside the pump.

How to clean above ground pool pump basket?

The basket should be regularly cleaned so that the pump can function smoothly without any overload. The following steps would definitely ensure a clean and tidy basket for pool pump:

  • The power source of the pool pump must be turned off along with the valves of the main drain and skimmer.
  • The next step is to remove the lid of the pump and take out the basket.
  • Clean the basket thoroughly and then dry it.
  • Replace the basket; put the lid of the pump back along with the O-ring
  • Open the valve of the main drain and the air valve on the filter
  • Turn the power source of the pump back
  • When the priming of the pump is done, then open valves of the skimmer one by one consecutively
  • Steady water flow would indicate the air valve to be closed and the pool pump to be used as is

The basket can turn brittle over time. Make sure of its condition every time it is cleaned so that no broken pieces are trapped in the pump. In addition, the basket should be dry before re-installing. Therefore, it is recommended to have another set in order to have an easy as well as hassle-free cleaning.

How to winterize above ground pool pump?

The process to winterize above ground pool pump is extremely important since any water that is frozen into ice during the winter season would cause severe damage to the pump. The below steps when followed helps you to keep away from such hazards and problems:

  • Firstly, unplug the power source from the pool pump followed by the removal of the lid.
  • Next, drain plugs must be removed. Usually, they located at the bottom.
  • Any residual water in the impeller must be removed after all the water has been drained out. It can be done by turning the pump on for just a second or two.
  • All the other sections of the pump like a filter, return outlets, pumps, skimmers, etc. must be made completely free of water. This can be done by blowing the parts with the aid of a shop vacuum.
  • When dried, all the components of the pump and filter must be re-fitted, thus completing the process of winterizing the pump

Should we be using an extension cord for the above ground pool pump?

An above-ground pool pump needs a huge amount of power. Therefore, a dedicated power source for such pool pumps is highly recommended. Even though they can run on extension cords, still there is a chance of overheating. This issue of overheating will not only be harmful to the pump’s longevity but would also damage the electrical circuit of the building in general.

Should the above ground pool pump run all the time?

It is quite a common notion that pool pumps must be in constant running condition while the pool is in use. However, in reality, this practice is not in all environments or pocket-friendly. It is true that the pool water needs filtration in every 24 hours. However, that does not mean that the pump needs to be turned on constantly.

It is recommended that the pump is kept running for short spans for about 6 hours. The time gap between two runs must not be more than 5 hours. If it is the peak of summer or in case, the pool is huge then the pump should be turned on for as long as 8 hours daily as well.  It is recommended that external debris should be removed manually rather than depending on the pump filtration process.

Three Things to Take Into Consideration When Getting an Above Ground Pool Pump

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You need to consider a few important points before going to buy an above ground pool pump:

1- Pool Size

The pool size must be taken into consideration for buying a pump. The capacity of the pump is determined by the pool size. Therefore, it is necessary to have the pool dimensions studied before getting a pump for its maintenance and filtration.

2- Electrical Requirements

Make sure that the building electrical capacity can withstand the functioning of such motors.

3- Maintenance Needs and Spare Parts

The equipment needed for the maintenance along with the spare parts must be locally available; in order to prevent any form of issues in case of unfortunate breakdown of the machine.


In the current market, which is steaming with a plethora of good and proper products, it can be quite challenging to the best above ground pool pumps. However, one should not be overwhelmed by such itsy bitsy challenges. In order to face them the most effective weapon is research and understanding.

The first step is to understand what exactly the requirement of the pool is concerning the pool pump. Once the requirement is clear then the next step is research. It is always advised to ensure thorough research before getting any such product. The research can be done in many ways like going through real reviews across multiple sites on the internet.

In addition, physically looking out for pumps in shops can also add a variant to the research factor. However, too much of it can be confusing. Therefore, a balance should be stroked and the best deal must be enjoyed when buying the best-suited pump for your beautiful pool.

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